Control of the finished product

The analytical values of our feeds are verified by independent laboratories. All samples are kept for 8 months.


The entire production and distribution chain is traced. In this way we can precisely follow each feed, from the arrival of the raw ingredients, to delivery of the finished product to retail outlets, or to our customers when delivered by us.

A perpetual search for excellence

Conforming to the ISO 9001 international standard, our quality approach is certified by a nationally and internationally recognised body.Our business has entered into a sustainable development approach in collaboration with “l’Association Normande des Entreprises Alimentaires (ANEA) (Normandy Food Business Association) and “l’Agence Française de Conseil
en Environnement” (AFCE) (The French Agency for Environmental Advice).We are also aiming to certify our feed safety management based on a recognised reference in the food industry, be it human or animal.