Hoof wall & Integuments

A source of biotin, sulphur-containing amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace elements. Contributes to improving the quality and growth rate of the hoof wall and integuments.


  • Poor quality brittle horn

  • Unshod work, frequent de-shoeing (trotting races)

  • Damaged hair (coat/mane/tail)


  • 21 mg of vitamin B8 (Biotin)
  • 750 mg of Natural L-Cysteine
  • 2,250 mg of DL-methionine
  • 1,250 mg of MSM
  • 175 mg of chelated* zinc
  • 38 mg of chelated* copper
  • 0.7 mg of organic selenium
  • 25,000 IU of vitamin A
  • 2,925 IU of vitamin D3
  • 75 mg of vitamin B5
  • 75 mg of vitamin B6

* Amino acid chelate

Directions for use

Distribute with cereals or compound feeds. Mix well into the feed. 1 measure = 25g

For ponies, divide the doses by two.

Adult Horse (500kg) Recommended dose (measures/day) Recommendation duration of treatment
Optimal dose 2 A minimum of 6 months
Minimum maintenance dose 1

Because of the high quantities of vitamins and trace elements present in this product, and furthermore, excess sulphur being harmful to keratin synthesis, respect the recommendations for use.


    • Zinc (amino acid chelate)7,000 mg
    • Copper (amino acid chelate)1,500 mg
    • DL-Methionine90,000 mg
    • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)50,000 mg
    • Natural L-Cystine30,000 mg
    • Vitamin A1,000,000 IU
    • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)3,000 mg
    • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)3,000 mg
    • Vitamin B8 (Biotin)850 mg
    • Excipients*1 kg

* Barley, Extruded linseed, Sepiolite, Calcium Carbonate, qs

    • Humidity11 %
    • Total Protein15 %
    • Oils and Fats3 %
    • Crude Fibre3.5 %
    • Ash7 %
    • Calcium0.45 %
    • Phosphorus0.25 %
    • Sodium0.1 %


The sulphur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine) are precursors of keratin, the constituent protein of hoof horn, the coat, the mane and the tail. This structural protein takes its rigidity from the sulphur atoms present in these precursor amino acids which link together with covalent bonds (disulphide bonds).

MSM also represents a source of organic sulphur.

The supply of easily assimilated chelated copper and above all chelated zinc ensures good keratinization and therefore healthy integuments.

At a dose of approximately 20mg a day, biotin (vitamin B8) improves the growth rate and hardness of the hoof wall.

Vitamin B5 takes part in epithelium and integument renewal. It favours wound healing and hair growth.

Vitamin B6 intervenes in the metabolism of amino acids and proteins. Notably it participates in the synthesis of cysteine, sulphur containing amino acid precursor of cystine.

Vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of proteins and intervenes in the integrity and protection of the keratogenous epithelial.

Additional Informations

CATEGORIE : Nutritional supplement

STORAGE : Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of between 5 and 25°C.

  • Pot of 2,5 Kg