E Selenium


Effort Management Breeding

A nutritional supplement providing vitamin E and organic selenium (L-selenomethionine).


  • To fulfil daily requirements in Vitamin E and selenium
  • Horses prone to chronic myopathies (« tying up »), or in intensive training
  • Neurological disorders such as MND (Motor Neuron Disease)
  • Fertility problems in mares and stallions
  • Last third of gestation (improves colostrum quality)

Vitamin E : 1 000mg

Organic selenium (L-selenomethionine) : 0.5mg

Directions for use

Feed alone, or mix with cereals or a compound feed.

If E SELENIUM is being given alongside an industrial compound feed, the amount to be distributed will depend on the quantity of feed fed and the levels of vitamin E and selenium in the latter.

If under any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1 single dose measure = 30g.

For ponies, distribute a dose in proportion to their weight, and in accordance to their workload or physiological stage.

Adult horse (500kg)Recommended doses if E SELENIUM is the only source of selenium and Vitamin E being provided
Maintenance - Light work 15g - 30g (1/2 to 1 measure)
Medium work 30g - 60g (1 to 2 measures)
Hard work 60g - 90g (2 to 3 measures)
Growing youngsters 15g - 30g (1/2 to 1 measure)
Broodmares and stallions 30g - 90g (1 to 3 measures)


    • Vitamin E33,333 mg
    • Selenium (L-selenomethionine)16.7 mg
    • Excipients (barley, sepiolite, calcium carbonate)qsp 1Kg
    • Humidity12.5 %
    • Total protein9 %
    • Crude fats and oils6 %
    • Crude fibre4 %
    • Ash9 %
    • Calcium1 %
    • Phosphorus0.3 %
    • Magnesium0.3 %
    • Sodium0.1 %


Vitamin E is a major biological anti-oxidant playing a primordial part in the protection of cell membranes in the organism. In the horse athlete its use is of particular interest for helping prevent muscular problems (for example, tying up). Furthermore, it improves fertility in breeding stock and also, via the colostrum, the transfer of passive immunity (antibodies) between the mother and newborn.

Selenium is a trace element which, as a co-factor of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), plays a key role in the anti-oxidant battle alongside Vitamin E. 100 % of the selenium is supplied as selenomethionine, the principal form under which selenium is stored in the organism. Selenium from this organic source is better assimilated and stored than that provided by sodium selenite (the inorganic form) and (although to a lesser de- gree), to that contained in selenized yeasts.

Additional Informations

CATEGORIE : Nutritional supplement

STORAGE : Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of between 5 and 25°C.

  • 3Kg
  • 15Kg