Electrolytes Gel


Effort Management

Mineral salt concentrate that allows the rapid reconstitution of electrolyte stocks lost through sweating.


  • Moderate, intense or prolonged muscular effort leading to sweating

  • Transport over long distances


  • 13,940 mg of chloride
  • 7,380 mg of sodium
  • 3 680 mg of potassium
  • 290 mg of magnesium

Directions for use

Clean cool water should be permanently available.

For ponies, divide the doses by two.

Adult Horse (500kg) Recommended dose (syringes) When to administer
Moderate effort, transport over a long distance ½ - 1 After the event
Intense effort (racing) 1 – 2 1 syringe the evening following the event. In the case of heavy sweating renew the following morning
Prolonged effort (endurance) 1 – 2 1 syringe morning and/or evening up to 10 days following the event

Because of the high concentration of mineral salts contained in ELECTROLYTES GEL, it is not ad- visable to distribute it the day of an endurance competition.

Indeed, if the horse does not drink sufficiently during the event, the ingestion of ELECTROLYTES GEL may well worsen dehydration in the orga- nism by creating a call for water to the digestive tract.

However, it is possible to distribute ELECTROLYTES LIQUID or ELECTROLYTES POWDER the day of the event. They must be diluted in a large volume of water and placed at disposition in a container next to the habitual bucket of fresh water.


    • Sodium chloride194,200 mg
    • Potassium chloride86,350 mg
    • Sodium citrate52,800 mg
    • Magnesium chloride13,650 mg
    • Excipients*1 kg

* Demineralised water, fructose, glucose, glycine, xanthan gum, natural green apple flavouring, qs

    • Humidity45 %
    • Total Protein1.5 %
    • Ash32 %
    • Sodium9 %


The ingestion of the mineral salts contained in ELECTROLYTES GEL allows the rapid reconstitution of electrolyte stocks lost through sweating.

A 60 ml syringe compensates for the chloride, sodium, potassium and magnesium losses in approximately 2.5 L of sweat.

Glucose and glycine facilitate sodium absorption.

Additional Informations

CATEGORIE : Nutritional supplement

STORAGE : Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of between 5 and 25°C.

  • 1 syringe of 60 ml
  • Pack of 3 syringes of 60 ml